Terms and Conditions

1. Operation – Our Office
This page is ownership of KITHIRA TRAVEL TRIP. Tours. Shipping. Office, headquartered in Kythira (Country) 80100, Greece with TIN 111733148 and Tax and authorized ESO / 0262 6000 0509301

2. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions
The use of the website and the services offered by the kithiratravel.gr services are governed by the following Terms and Conditions (terms and conditions). These terms apply to all detention orders, which are given by the user either through a web portal kithiratravel.gr, or by telephone through the call center or at the offices of KITHIRA TRAVEL. By making a reservation or purchasing a service offered by kitharatravel.gr, the user unconditionally accepts the terms and conditions and kithiratravel.gr.

3. Hours
The call center KITHIRA TRAVEL open Monday to Saturday 09.00-14.00 & 18.00-21.00 and Sundays 10.00-13.00. While our Office endeavor to monitor the e-mail and outside these hours call center, does not guarantee that incoming mail will be read and our office will respond to your requests outside these hours call center.

4. Changes and Cancellations
In case you wish to make any changes or cancel a booking, you should send e-mail required to info@kithiratravel.gr . Considered late, any cancellation is made within the last 21 days preceding the start of the journey, unless otherwise stated in the description of the excursion. Moreover, the client is unable to participate in organized trip which has already paid a deposit or payment, he may transfer his booking to another person (unless it is accepted by our suppliers), which gathers all the conditions required for the package, after notice to KITIIRA TRAVEL least 9 days before departure, unless otherwise stated, in this journey.
Any costs arising from the transfer paid by the client. The customer accepts the assignment automatically accepts and general terms of participation both of which, are jointly against KITHIRA TRAVEL for the outstanding balance, and possible additional transfer charges. Cancellations only in writing to our Office and regardless of registration date and departure excursion suitable for the following deductions: Before 21 days deducted 50 euros per person for organizational and telecommunications costs. In addition, 20-14 days prior to departure of the tour, cancellation fee is 40% of the total package. From 13 to 8 days 60% of the total package. 7 days and then withheld up to 100% of the total package.
For special departures, festive seasons, during exhibitions or a cruise or traveling for the special charter flights (charters), or specially chartered ship, the above-mentioned periods are much larger and higher retention rates.

5. Copyright & Trademarks
The copyright and all other rights protected on the site belong to kithiratravel.gr. The contents of this site are sto kithiratravel.gr, unless otherwise stated property of others. The name kithiratravel.gr as well as all trademarks, logos and all graphic designs shown on this site are property of kithiratravel.gr triton.Apagorefetai or property of any copying, distribution, transportation, processing, resale, or create derivative misleading the public about the real provider of the content of this website. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, or transmission or any other use of content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior permission of KITHIRA TRAVEL or other copyright holder.

6. Amendment of General Terms and Conditions
The kithiratravel.gr has the right to amend or renew the above Terms and Conditions on the use of this website at any time with effect for the future without creating an obligation to inform the user. The website will show the general conditions as applicable to the particular moment. With further use of the Site after a change in general conditions of use and the user accepts the amendment.

7. Decline Booking
The kithiratravel.gr has the right to reject orders for reservation entered by the user, if he violated the terms of use of the website.

8. Exclusion of Liability
This site contains links (links) to third party websites. The kithiratravel.gr not responsible for the availability, privacy policy, the content of these pages and completeness, and any damage resulting from their use, as the user has access to them on his own responsibility .

9. Responsibility of the user
The use of the website must be for lawful purposes only and is done in a legal manner so as not to restrict or prevent its use by others. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, morals and the terms hereof, and to refrain from acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to it, affect or jeopardize the provision of kithiratravel.gr.
By using this website the user guarantees that are at least 18 years of age and meet the legal conditions of using this website. The user is required to supervise and take responsibility for any use of this website by minors in the name of or on account of this (the user). It also guarantees the correctness and completeness of all information and data relating to the user’s face or his family members, which are transmitted under use of this site.
Any reservations you made for speculative, false or purpose to defraud or in the case aimed at increasing demand is prohibited. The possibility of detention services or products through this website may be used only when making legitimate reservations and purchases in the name of the user or other persons regarding the name and on behalf of which has the right to act. The user accepts that the abuse of its services website kithiratravel.gr may have resulted in the exclusion of a particular user from accessing the services of this website.

10. Applicable Law
The law applicable in the relations between users of the website and is exclusively kithiratravel.gr the Hellenic Law excluding any rules of private international Dikaiou.Armodia for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties is that of the Piraeus.

11. Booking & Reservation Confirmation
By filling in the relevant fields of the reservation form on our website and the completion of the booking process the user gives an explicit command in kithiratravel.gr to broker providing travel service, which is offered by the provider, or any other service associated with the implementation of a journey.
Every successful booking process, followed by a successful transaction message and then drive to the page on the issue of the voucher. All prices listed on the website of kithiratravel.gr are real and final and valid for the given time of the search.

General Terms of Participation

Please read carefully the following General Terms of Participation in the Kithira Travel organised packages, which are in line with Community Directive 90/314. By signing up to a package in any way whatsoever, you signify that you simultaneously and unreservedly accept the following General Terms of Participation. “Package”, according to Presidential Decree 339/1996, means the pre-arranged combination of not fewer than two of the following elements, namely transport, accommodation, other tourist ser-vices not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the package, when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation.

Kithira Travel, is based in Kithira and is registered from EOT with R.N. Ε.Ο.Τ. 0262 Ε 6000 0509301, and organises packages either on its own or jointly with other tourist agencies, and sells them or offers them for sale alone or through other tourist offices.

1)Kithira Travel responsibilities
For the organisation of its packages, Kithira Travel uses airway and other transport companies, hotels, local travel agencies, and other bodies outside its control. Kithira Travel has no airplanes, hotels or travel agencies of its own as to be held responsible for their proper operation. Its role is purely that of an intermediary
for the provision of services to its clients, which is why it may only be held responsible in case of omissions attributed to Kithira Travel’s fault or organisational shortcomings. Kithira Travel will not abuse the mitigating circumstances arising from its role as intermediary and will make its best efforts to meet the expectations of its clients. However, it shall not be held responsible for any failures that are unforeseeable or effectively controllable, such as:
– Changes, delays or cancellations of planned trips of any form. The airway companies and departure times mentioned in the description of tours have been based on the planned / announced itineraries of any form and especially on the special chartered flights / itineraries that were current at the time the program was issued.
– Accidents, sicknesses or adverse effects by climate conditions, problems caused by inability to adapt to different time zones (jet lag) and altitudes, epidemics, food poisonings or inadequate sanitation conditions.
– Problems caused by unforeseeable conditions such as bad weather conditions, strikes, coups d’état, wars, hijackings, fires, earthquakes, floods or any other emergencies or events of force majeure.
– Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents, and all consequences resulting from criminal or other punishable activity.
In all such cases Kithira Travel will make its best efforts and offer any possible service and assistance, but in no case this should be regarded as assumption of responsibility by the company or obligation to cover any relevant expenses, which shall be borne by the clients themselves as in all events of force majeure.

2) Hotels / Accommodations
All accommodations used by Kithira Travel have a legal and valid licence as required by the public authorities of the host country. The criteria based on which the accommodations are selected have to do with the location and the services offered, in combination with their best possible price for their class as specified in the description of the package. In most hotels worldwide, the rooms have been designed to accommodate two beds. This means that a three-bed room is actually a two-bed room with one more bed added. Some hotels will also add a fourth bed in order to serve a guest, but clearly the available space will be significantly limited. Normally, the rooms are delivered between 13:00 and 15:00 hrs and remain available to the guests until 10:00 hrs of the departure day.
A request for a certain type of room entered in the order slip will be satisfied depending on the demand and if the hotel has different prices for every type of room. Otherwise, the hotel may give you a room depending on its fullness at the time of your stay. Kithira Travel will make its best efforts to extend the checkout time in order to serve any guests departing
with night or early-morning flights. Such service will only be offered if the rooms have not been given to other guests of the hotel.
If, in an individual trip, you arrive at the hotel after your scheduled day of arrival and have not notified the hotel accordingly, the hotel shall have the right to dispose of the room for the entire remaining booked period if requested.
In case of overbooking from the part of the hotel, our company will make its best possible efforts to find a solution in accordance with the regulations applicable in the host country.
Unless otherwise stated, beverages are not included in the half-board or full-board price. You are re-minded to settle any personal bills (telephones, beverages etc) before checking out of the hotel. In no case will Kithira Travel accept to pay a guest’s personal bills.

3) Obligations of clients
A fundamental obligation of all people participating in a group tour is to strictly comply with the schedule and the instructions given by the group leaders / guides, and be punctual in the meetings for the scheduled events. If a client is not punctual, in addition to any other problems this may cause, it will give the leader the right to proceed without him and Kithira Travel will refuse to pay any refund for any non-provided services. A person participating in the organised tours of Kithira Travel shall be exclusively responsible to obtain and maintain all required travel documents (passport etc), and for any declaration made to the Greek or foreign monetary or custom authorities.
Any reasonable complaints during the tour should be immediately reported to the group leader (or in the absence of a group leader, to our office) on the spot, and to the party providing the service, in writing. If the problem cannot be resolved on the spot, the client must file a written complaint within ten days from the day of return in case of omissions and improper performance. Kithira Travel will have the right to refuse to reply to a letter of complaint that was filed after said deadline. In case a client should decide to withdraw from the trip and leave the group on his own accord, even in case of force majeure, he will not have the right to any further service or refund, and all expenses associated with his leaving the group will be borne by him. In case of a dispute, the parties shall take recourse to the HATTA Committee of Amicable Resolution of Disputes and invite it to mediate. If an amicable resolution of the dispute is not achieved, then the Courts of Athens shall have competent jurisdiction to hear the case.

4) Insurance
Kithira Travel has taken out a Civil Professional Responsibility insurance to cover any client claims arising from the non-performance or the deficient performance of the a planned package, as well as to cover any insolvency or bankruptcy cases or the refund of
received money, and the repatriation of travellers. The number of the policy and the particulars of the insurer shall be included in the contract to be signed between our company and the client. A client may upon request receive a copy of said policy.
Besides, all participants of the Kithira Travel organised packages may optionally buy additional travel insurance to cover life and personal accidents. Further, all travellers are advised to contact their insurance agent and obtain a European Health Insurance Card in order to be covered in case of sickness during a trip within the European Union.

5) Reservations
Reservation of a place in a scheduled package must be made no later than 15 days prior to the date of departure unless otherwise specified in the relevant participation / registration form.
In order for a reservation to be valid, it must be ac-companied by an advance payment equal to 35% of its total cost. A reservation made over the telephone shall not bind the office unless it is confirmed by the required advance payment. All reservations for the services offered by Kithira Travel shall be made after the issuance of the program and within the deadline specified for each trip. However, Kithira Travel shall not be obligated to find a place for an applicant if, in the meantime, the foreseen places have been taken up, in which case it will notify the client accordingly. Full payment of the package shall be made in advance, no later than ten days prior to the
commencement of the trip. In the case of a bus tour, the travellers shall not have a specific seat for all legs of the tour. The days of departure and arrival are included in the duration of a trip.

6) Cancellations
The terms for tickets cancellation and modification depend on the terms fixed by providers. Kithira Travel shall not assume any responsibility regarding cancellations and changes, governed by terms imposed by other providers. The cost possibly arising from such modification is exclusively borne by the customer.

In the event of a ticket change or modification, the customer is bound to inform Kithira Travel in writing at least 5 days before the programmed departure in order to proceed to any change. Otherwise, the responsibility shall encumber the user himself who must read the fare rules prior to any move.

Kithira Travel does not refund the 6€ service fee of  a ticket purchase that is paid when a completed reservation gets modified, either changed or cancelled. Tickets cancellation depends on the time it is realized and the terms and conditions applicable for all travel agencies.

Passenger and vehicle tickets bought through the Kithira Travel website or the Kithira Travel call center, can be cancelled as per the cancellation terms, as follows:

1. For tickets that have not been received , passengers can request cancellation by phone, on +30 27360 31390, by e-mail at info@kithiratravel.gr , or by fax on +30 27360 31390, stating all the reservation details as well as full contact details (telephone number , e-mail address , fax number).

2. For tickets that have been received, passengers should bring their tickets to one of the company’s ticket offices, as listed on the contact page οf kithiratravel.gr.


In order to reserve hotels and other demanding ser-vices, Kithira Travel pays large amounts of money many months in advance of its scheduled trips, and assumes obligations for compensation in case of total or partial cancellation. Kithira Travel is therefore obliged to retain the entire advance payment or demand additional payment in case of an untimely cancellation. Any cancellation made within the last 21 days immediately preceding the commencement of the trip is considered an untimely cancellation, unless otherwise stated in the description of the package. Be-sides, a client who is unable to participate in an organised trip for which he has already made an advance payment or which he has paid in full, may transfer his reservation to another person that meets all conditions for the organised trip upon due notification to Kithira Travel at least nine days prior to the departure, unless otherwise stated in the description of the package, provided this is acceptable to our suppliers. Any costs involved in making such transfer shall be borne by the client. A client who accepts a transfer automatically accepts the general terms of participation, and both are responsible in solidum against Kithira Travel for any remaining balance as well as any additional costs of the transfer.
– A cancellation may only be made in writing by a notice to be addressed to the company. Regard-less of the date of signing up to or departure of the trip, the following retentions shall apply:
– Over 21 days before departure, 40 euros per person shall be retained to cover organisation and telecommunications expenses;
– 20 to 14 days before departure, 35% of the total package price will be retained;
– 13 to 8 days before departure, 50% of the total package price will be retained;
– 7 and less, up to 100% of the total package price will be retained;
– In case of special departures, holiday seasons, fair seasons, trips that include a cruise, or trips where a specially chartered flight or a specially chartered ship is used, the above period shall be longer and the retention percentages higher.
Our office will make its best possible efforts not to retain the above charges / cancellation fees when-ever a cancellation is caused by illness, accident, medical examination or similar reasons, which in common practice are not considered to be reasons for cancellation without the payment of cancellation fees. This is why you are advised to obtain a private insurance in the amount you choose, which, among other things, will cover any cancellation fees for reasons of illness, accidents, medical examinations etc. The settlement of accounts in case of cancellations is
made by our office at least 30 days after the end of the trip / tour.
Different terms of cancellation apply in the case of cruises, depending on the terms that each company has for its tours / cruises. Also, different terms of cancellation apply in the case of personal / individual trips, depending on the terms and charges of each airway company and the cancellations policy of each individual hotel. The cancellation fees are charged regardless of the time of signing up or of whether the respective amounts have been paid by the participants or not.

7) Change or cancellation of a package
The minimum required participation for all packages with destinations outside Europe is 16 persons, unless otherwise stated in the description of the particular package. For destinations in Europe and Northern Africa, the minimum required participation is 21 persons. Kithira Travel has the right to cancel any package if the participation is considered inadequate or for any other reason that hinders its performance. Kithira Travel shall notify the clients of the cancellation of their trip no later than seven days prior to the commencement of the trip. In such case, the liability of Kithira Travel shall be restricted to the reimbursement of any money its has collected. In all other respects, Kithira Travel shall be bound to observe the schedule of the trips as this is described in the description of each package. Kithira Travel has also the right to make any changes to the package as it sees it fit in order – 10 –
to overcome any technical problems or unpredictable difficulties. As soon as the changes effected to any described package are notified to the client by any readily comprehensible means, Kithira Travel shall cease to be bound by the description of the package. Such changes may be made prior to the commencement of the trip, and if they are so significant as to alter the character of the package, the participants may cancel their reservation and get a refund for what they paid, with no further claims from their side. A change of an airway company or a flight (from morning to night etc) shall not be considered to alter the character of a package and will not justify a cancellation of a client’s participation. However, if during the trip it appears that changes are necessary, the participants shall be obliged to accept them. The schedules of packages during the Easter and Christmas holidays period, and in high seasons in general, are likely to change at the discretion of Kithira Travel.
It should be stressed beforehand and it is explicitly understood by the parties, that, for their own reasons, the airway companies sometimes use chartered airplanes belonging to other companies for their own flights. This will not be considered a reason for cancellation of the trip from the part of the client.
An airway company may at any time change its flight schedule or type of aircraft, for its own operational reasons, which are beyond our control.
A scheduled one-stop flight may become a non-stop
flight from A city/country to B city/country, and a non-stop flight may become a one- or more stop flight.

8) Optional tours
The leaders, that you will usually meet at the countries of destination, may organise optional tours in collaboration with local travel agents, depending on the program. Kithira Travel may not be held responsible for such optional tours. The prices of optional tours will vary depending on circumstances such as number of persons, holiday seasons, late night surcharges etc.

9) Prices
All quoted prices have been based on the exchange rates (in case of international packages) and the airway and sea fares applicable at the time the package was issued. These prices are subject to in-crease without notice in case of changes in the fares, the foreign exchange rates, or in any other original cost elements such as cost of fuel, prices or taxes, as imposed by states after the issuance of the pack-age or pricelist. If, in an organised package, you desire an extension of stay or change of flights or other additional service that is different from the ones of the original package or not included at all in the original package, you shall be required to pay a processing fee of 20 euros per change per person in addition to any charge you will have to pay for the requested change or service. The fee of 20 euros per change per person shall also be payable with respect to any change / extension of the original reservation of air or sea tickets or of hotel accommodation or of additional services. A change in price may be made until no later than 21 days prior to the commencement of the trip. The Kithira Travel organised packages are usually inclusive of some necessary expenses such as issuance of visa for the international trips, airport taxes, stay fees, port fees, unless otherwise stated in the particular package’s description or pricelist. If a reservation of place in a package is accepted by the office after the applicable deadline, the traveller shall be fully responsible and accountable in case of failure to obtain a visa or other travel documents or meet any required health formalities, even if the office has directly or indirectly assisted, and the traveller shall not be excused from his liability to pay a cancellation fee if he is eventually unable to travel. Please see the en-closed list for the price of each package and the costs included therein.

10) Passports, visas and health formalities
All participants in international organised packages must have a new-type passport, issued in or after 2006. You may travel to any Schengen country using your Greek ID Card, provided your particulars appear in Latin characters thereon and it has not been cancelled (cut) due to marriage.
For certain destinations you may be additionally required to have a passport that expires after 3, 6 or 12 months. The period needed for the issuance of a
visa has been taken into account in fixing the dead-line for reservation of a place in each package. The same is true for health formalities, if any.
For worldwide packages, going to places where the World Health Organisation recommends or requires a specific health treatment (vaccination or medication), Kithira Travel shall have no responsibility. The participants of such packages are therefore advised to consult with their local Health Centres, which are the most competent and reliable sources of information on the required health formalities. Besides, the information is only applicable to holders of Greek passports. It will be the traveller’s responsibility to see that all his personal travel documents (passport, ID Card) are valid. Special attention is needed in case of minor travellers, who must be equipped with travel documents / pass-ports. Also, if a traveller has a non-Greek passport, he must notify accordingly Kithira Travel in writing prior to making any reservation, and must contact the consular authorities of his country and check whether he needs a visa or any other document for the countries he intends to transit or enter, as well as for his re-entry to Greece or his country of origin.
Failure to obtain your travel documents or visa in a timely manner will not constitute a good reason for cancellation of your reservation without the payment of cancellation fee.

11) Discounts for children
Children between 2 and 12 years of age will normally
pay a 50%-30% reduced airway or ship ticket de-pending on the destination, and in many cases reduced accommodation prices if they stay in the same room with their parents. Children under 2 years of age will pay only 10% of the airway fare, but will not have a seat and meal in the airplane, luggage transportation, meals during the tour, and child bed in the hotels. In many cases, Kithira Travel will be able to reduce even further the prices for children, in consultation with the parents. Please note that no child or infant discounts are usually granted in specially chartered flights.

12) Luggage
Luggage is delivered to and picked up from the carrier at the responsibility and care of the owners, regardless of whether a representative of the tourist office is present or not. In case of damage or loss, the IATA Regulation on airplanes will be applicable as well as the international conventions governing each particular means of transport and hotels. In such cases, the liability shall be limited as provided for in such conventions. Our company will not be held responsible for the content of the luggage.
Irrespective of the kind of travel (air, sea or bus), Kithira Travel shall undertake the transportation and pay the related cost for only one regular-sized suitcase of no more than 20 kilos per client, unless otherwise stated. In addition to his luggage, a client may hold a small handbag of no more than 50x40x25 centimetres (length / height / width respectively), and may
also carry liquids in containers of no more than 100 ml, but not in excess of one (1) litre in total, in a transparent plastic bag of 20×20 centimetres (the dimensions are provided for by the general terms of aviation and not by the general terms of each airway company). If a client’s luggage is overweight, the airway or accommodation companies may impose a surcharge, which will be borne by the client.

13) Signing up
Each trip of the package has a specific signing up deadline. Such deadline results from corresponding commitments of Kithira Travel vis-à-vis the airway companies, hotels, consular authorities for the issuance of visas, and other bodies involved in the provision of services included in each package. It is logical that these bodies are interested in the places, rooms and other services we have booked, and that they will lose money if we do not cancel in time a package that is not going to be carried out. As a result, the signing up deadline also determines the time period within which we will be able to cancel a trip without having to pay a penalty. At the same time, it gives a straightforward answer to the typical question “until when do I have to sign up?” and gives a decisive stimulus to all those who have the tendency to post-pone things and run the risk of missing the deadline and being unable to find a place. But, a signing up deadline is also useful for us as it helps us book the required places in a timely manner, and gives us the necessary time to better prepare and organise the departure.
Kithira Travel is subject to the provisions of Law 3310/2005 on the supply or provision of services to Legal Entities of the Public Sector, as amended by Law 3414/2005.


Protecting your privacy is our priority.

Your name, e-mail address, your contact address, your telephone number and fax as well as your credit card information is required to proceed with your reservation.
Client information will be inputted in our system in order to proceed with a reservation or purchase through our website or electronic mail (e-mail) or by phone. Then, the information will be stored and maintained in our database. This information will be solely used to facilitate the reservation process for a booking. Under no circumstances will your data will be transferred to third persons, other than our associates who have been chosen by our clients for their bookings, following their instructions.
In our booking engine, payment form and confirmation form, are transfered to our associates environment which is compliant and harmonized with the requirements of GDPR Regulation (E.E. 2016/679). When we receive payment by credit cards, we provide details of your card in encrypted form. This way we achieve greater security for your information rather than processing them via telephone. However, please note that with the current technical means we cannot guarantee absolute security when transferring data over the Internet. Therefore the company cannot be held liable for processing this information.

To improve the use of the website kithiratravel.gr we use cookies, as the majority of the companies that offer online services. The cookies are part of your browser (browser-software) and store data for the use of this website on your hard drive. This allows us to recognize your computer the next time you visit the website kithiratravel.gr. You can use our site without cookies, but it must be noted that our website is more user-friendly when using cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can certainly remove all the cookies at any time from your hard disk. You can also modify your browser settings to not accept cookies without your consent. The use of cookies is not linked in any way to your personal information.

Rights and Obligations Coastal Shipping Companies

The shipping companies are required to provide accurate and complete information to the traveling public.

The agents of shipping companies have an obligation to inform the traveling public about the alternatives, all available fares offered by various shipping companies and the discounts right.

The owner is required to comply with mandatory reductions for specific categories of citizens:

Destitute-100% discount on the financial position
Children up to 5 years – 100% discount (entitled to a bed by two)
Children aged 5-10 years-50% discount
War invalids, war victims, helpers or attendants and National Resistance fighters-50% discount (entitled mandatory bed in place who want to travel, where this position has beds
Handicapped with disability of 80% or more-50% discount on economy class
Large families-50% discount on economy class
Retired NAT-50% discount on economy class

In these cases, the passenger should be boarding the relevant certificate document (special identity card, birth certificate minor pass for families, health board decision etc.)

The owner is required to accurately perform routes, to make public by all appropriate means and to promptly inform the public about their execution.
Particularly in cases of cancellation or disruption of services (eg due to failures, adverse weather conditions etc), shipping companies must take appropriate measures in the field of early passenger information, in consultation with the cooperating shipping agents and port authorities. Otherwise it will apply the maximum statutory penalties are:

a) 37 455 euro (for improper update passengers and other violations Regulation ports)
b) 500.000 ευρώ (για θέματα ασφαλείας πλοίων και άλλες παραβάσεις)

The shipping company is liable for the damage and loss of luggage onboard, if delivered for safekeeping and a receipt issued. Instead, the company is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of luggage, if the passenger carries with him, except in the case of wrongful act of the master or crew.

Rights and obligations of passengers

Passenger Rights
In case of delay, the passenger is entitled to stay on board until departure. In no possibility of extension of the delay, and cancellation of the service attributable to the owner, the passenger may cancel the ticket and shall be entitled to a refund of money paid. Alternatively entitled to cover the costs of accommodation and meals until departure. In this case includes the right to compensation.

If a passenger has ‘cut’ ticket left outside the ship due to overbooking, it must notify the local port authority, the port authority to either impose an administrative fine and to inform the prosecutor to prosecute. Also, in case of breakdown at sea, the passenger is entitled to either a refund of fares according to the distance traveled is not either to remain on board until the resumption of the journey, if possible. In these cases based compensation and right

If before the ship leaves port, passengers said they did not want to travel, or that because of illness or other unforeseeable circumstances unable to board, be entitled to a refund of half the fare.

If, before the ship’s departure, the passenger declares that he does not wish to travel, or that due to illness or other fortuitous event he is unable to board, he is entitled to a refund of half the price of the ticket.

When boarding, the passenger must present his ticket and is entitled to occupy the corresponding seat or cabin indicated on it. If he is not given the agreed seat, the passenger can cancel his ticket and claim compensation, unless the shipowner allocates another similar seat or cabin. In the event that he is placed in a seat lower than that indicated on his ticket, he is entitled to collect the price difference.

Upon boarding, the passenger shall show his ticket and is entitled to occupy the same position or cabin included therein. If not given the agreed position, the passenger may cancel the ticket and claim damages, unless the owner of the other available similar position or cabin. If placed in a class lower than that indicated on the ticket, is entitled to recover the difference in price. During the trip, if the passenger is not the service should provide the shipping company in accordance with the conditions of carriage, may make his complaint to the captain or first officer of the ship after the end of the journey may be addressed to port authorities. Finally, passengers traveling with a shipping company entitled to full compensation in the event of a maritime accident (as defined by law).

Passenger Obligations

The passenger is responsible for loading and unloading the vehicle on board. If your vehicle is damaged by rough handling of the master while it is inside the ship, the passenger is entitled to compensation from the shipping company. Liabilities Passengers Passengers should read carefully the terms mentioned in ticket stub.

The passenger must arrive on board before the scheduled departure time. If he is the owner of a vehicle, then he must be in the loading waiting area 1 hour before departure. In the event that a passenger provided with a ticket does not arrive on time on the ship (until the scheduled departure time), he is not entitled to a refund of the price of the ticket he paid.

The passenger must arrive at the ship before the scheduled departure.

If you are a vehicle owner, you should be at the waiting area one hour before departure. Where passenger holding a ticket does not arrive in time to ship (until the scheduled time of departure), not entitled to a refund of the ticket price paid.

Compliance with the regulations of the ship and the captain is the responsibility of the passenger if the passenger disembarked at an intermediate port and not the final destination, pay the full ticket agreed for the passenger’s baggage caused special fare only if they exceed the volume or weight indicated on the ticket.

Passengers must carry their items they may need during the trip, and after departure are not allowed in the area of vehicle.

Also, passengers are prohibited from carrying explosives, flammable and other dangerous materials, while we must be keep the Port, Health and Customs provisions.


HIGH SEASON: 8/4/2023 – 23/4/2022, 28/4/2023 – 2/5/2023, 1/6/2023 – 10/9/2023
▪ Up to 7 days prior to departure: Tickets are cancelled without charge or can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
▪ From 7 days and up to 2 hours prior to departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied or alternatively tickets can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
▪ 2 hours prior and up to the departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied. Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.
▪ After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.

LOW SEASON: All other dates except those mentioned in HIGH SEASON
▪ Up to 3 days prior to departure: Tickets are cancelled without charge or can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
▪ From 3 days and up to 2 hours prior to departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied or alternatively tickets can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date. 3/5
▪ From 2 hours and up to the departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied. Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.
▪ After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.

▪ Open date tickets are valid for boarding only if a boarding card, valid for the specific date of travel, has been issued.
▪ Open date tickets are valid for maximum one (1) year since the date they were converted to “open”, or until the ship ceases to operate the specific itinerary.
▪ If passengers wish to travel on a date when a higher fare is in force, then they must pay the difference between the current and the pre-paid open ticket fare.
▪ Tickets can be cancelled only by the agents that issued them.
▪ Tickets cannot be cancelled over the phone. The tickets must be delivered to the issuing agent.

When a ticket is lost, a new ticket must be purchased.