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Travel Documents

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B. Travelling in Greece one must have an identity card or passport, children up to 12 years old that do not hold a passport could have a health certificate or booklet with a photo.

C. Travelling in Europe. It is a prerequisite to travel in EU countries to hold a new identity card or passport, a new release (version to the police station). All information regarding the identity card can be found on the website of the Ministry of Public Order
Children who do not carry an identity must travel with a passport.

D. For countries outside the European Union and for the rest of the world one should hold a new passport (police version). The requirements to issue a passport are: Application, Personal Presence Police Department, a recent special digital photograph (professional photographers have the necessary information), 2 photocopies of identity card, a fee from the tax office, the old passport (if available).

CAUTION: One cannot travel with makeshift identity, damaged identity or misleading information. For clarifications please contact the Passport Control Office Police Athens International Airport, tel.210 3.53 million.


One of the main issues when planning a trip is to find out if there are Visa requirements in order to enter the country. Information on the countries that we need Visa for can be found in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you travel to the U.S. you will need to fill in the ESTA form at least 72 hours prior your trip to the U.S.



For local flights (Greece) you are required to arrive to the airport one hour prior to your flight. If you travel abroad you must arrive two hours prior to your departure. Based on the terms and conditions of booking airline tickets, the passenger has to confirm their reservation at least 24 hours prior departure.

kithira Travel is a company that acts as an intermediate between its customers and airline companies and cannot be held responsible for any changes, flight delays or cancellations from the airline companies. In an effort to provide high quality, personalized services to our clientele, we make an effort to receive constant updates in case of flight changes, delays or cancellations and to be in constant communication with airlines in order to minimize any problems that may arise during the traveling of our clients.

Please note that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they possess the required passenger documents such as passports, visas, etc. for their upcoming trip. It is possible to amend of even cancel bookings in the absence of travelling documents, but there might be charges