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Routes and Tickets from and to Neapoli Kythira and Antikythira

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Travel Agency Kithira Travel

Our travel agency offers a wide spectrum of services that cover the needs of every traveller. Address KITHIRA TRAVEL for:

✓ ticket reservations and issuance for Neapoli Kythira & Antikythira with ferry boat Porfyrousa, a closed type ferry boat
✓tickets for Greece and abroad with Olympic Air and Sky express.
✓ cruise liner agency.
✓ticket issuance with most sea companies.

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About Us

The Travel, Tourism & Shipping Office “Kithira Travel”, founded in 1983, established in Chora(Capital) of the Island of Kithira. Initially, activities were only tour as a correspondent of OLYMPIC AIRWAYS and Shipping Agency for the Kithira Flying Dolphins CERES. In 1986, our office took the General GSA Factoring Kithira’s Olympic Airlines, as well as outside the CERES, took over the Naval Factoring Kithira of GREEK SHIPPING MC (E/G- A / C Paros).

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Visit Kythira for Holidays

Tour the island of Aphrodite. In Chora, the capital of the island, you will relish one of the most recognizable Greek landscapes: the snow white houses surround the cliff where the castle majestically rises, whereas at the foot of Chora “rests” its seaport Kapsali with its long stretch of beach. Ramble through the alleys of Chora and you will discover the taste of the plain island architecture; visit the churches and climb to the Castle—a very rewarding experience for the visitors as they will “set fire” to their cameras trying to capture yet another perfect shot. Enjoy your coffee in the coffee shops of Chora and feel that special Cerigo vibe. If you wish to hit the beach, Kapsali, with its advanced tourist infrastructure and a variety of shops, is the place to go.

Visit Kythira with ferry – boat Porfyrousa

You can visit Kythira and the distant, yet mystical, Antikythira with Porfyrousa ferry from Neapolis port.

Kithira Travel agency enables you to check the schedules / routes and make a reservation or buy your tickets.

To and from:

  • Neapoli
  • Kythira
  • Antikythira
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